MOOS provides families with FREE before school childcare.  While attending the program, students receive homework help as well as relationship building opportunities.  All of our volunteers are trained and have up to date clearances.

We also offer a wide array of activities.  These activities include table games, coloring packets, journal entries, arts & crafts, BINGO, special guests, and a whole lot more!

Students also have the option of a breakfast snack, free play, and computer games daily.  A guided walk to school is another key part of our morning routine- all part of keeping our students safe and putting them and their families’ needs first.


One Family Quotes:

“Thank you all for all of your help and contributions to helping, teaching, and enriching our child's life over the school year and the past few years.  It has truly been great having (anonymous) attend the MOOS program, make new friends, and learn so much.  It's made such a great, positive impact on our lives.  God bless you all!!”

Former Principal Dr. Jill Martin Claims:

“parents repeatedly express their gratitude for the program. I wish you could see the relief on their faces when I tell them about MOOS! It is amazing to see how excited and amazed they are that such a resource exists.”

Former volunteer states her reason for volunteering for so many years is...

"The kids, the kids, the kids... I love them.  They are so interesting and fun.  I always come home with a story or two or five.  I get to help with math homework (yay math!) and worksheets and journal writing and crafts; I get to play some of my favorite games like Mancala and Guess Who; I've learned to play new games like Slamwich (kinda weird, but much loved by the kids); I've even attempted pool and Foosball (and, yes, I finally scored my first goal!).  The hour passes quickly, because the kids are awesome.  I keep volunteering, so I can spend time with them."