• Amber Rieger

Brrrrr, it's cold outside...

All of this cold weather makes me think about the reason MOOS started in the first place. Think about this scenario: parents have to be at work early but don't have any affordable childcare options for their elementary school aged children. So what do they do? They drop off their children outside of the school ONE HOUR EARLIER than when the doors can be opened to students. What this means for the students? They are left unattended, in freezing cold temperatures, for up to an hour at a time!!!! Not ideal situation for anyone, let alone young school aged children. Luckily former Fulton Elementary School principal Matt Stemm approached Covenant United Methodist Church who then partnered with Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster to form what we now know as MOOS (Mornings On Orange Street). So now students that would have once been left outside, sitting in the cold, on mornings as cold as it is now, have a safe, warm, and nurturing place to go to each school day morning. We not only provide shelter, but also enriching activities, homework help, breakfast snacks, access to computers, mentoring relationships, a guided walk to school, and the list goes on and on! MOOS is such a blessing to our Fulton families and students. Please help us spread the word about our awesome program so that more families and students could benefit from a FREE childcare program such as ours. Let's help mold our community one student at a time! #chilly #Freechildcare #Sanctuary

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